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Onsite Recruiting, Hiring and Training 

5 Day Event (1 Month of Recruiting, 2 Days Interviewing and 3 Days of Classroom / On-the-Lot Training)
4 Day Event (1 Month of Recruiting, 1 Day of Interviewing and 3 Days of Classroom / On-the-Lot Training)


Onsite Recruiting and Hiring Only

2 Day Event (1 Month of Recruiting and 2 Days of In-Store Interviewing)
1 Day Event (1 Month of Recruiting and 1 Day of In-Store Interviewing)

Off Site Recruiting and Hiring

iAuto University will place ads on the online multiple sources in your market to generate only the highest quality applicants for the positions you require. Our staff will also send hundreds of emails to potential candidates in your market that have updated their resumes within the last 30 days. Our ads are created and designed to have high text content to generate the most targeted applications while gathering applicants from other industries that may fit the profile for each position.  

Off Site Recruiting Only

Utilize iAuto University to place employment ads on your behalf to Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed and several other popular employment sites in your local market.  The positions include but are not limited to:

                                        Sales Associates                            Tag and Title Clerks

                                        Sales Managers                         Accounts Payable Clerks

                                       Finance Managers                   Accounts Receivable Clerks

                                 General Sales Managers                              Contollers

                             Business Development Agents                            CFO's

                                        Service Advisors                              General Managers  

                                            Technicians                                 Service Technicians

                                      Service Managers                                     Cashiers

                                        Parts Managers                              Parts Counter Clerks


Off Site Administrative Recruiting Only

iAuto University will create and publish ads with online multiple online sources for clerical positions. iAuto University suggests creating a separate email address for these candidates to be forwarded to. Your management team must filter through these applications (as we will receive so many).

Packages are offered for reference only.

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