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Staffing for the Largest Car market in history

   As the auto market plunged in 2009, we all made cuts in staffing, expenses and all unnecessary overhead. As this market heats up, forecasters are now saying we are headed for the best of times with fewer dealers. Warren Buffet and other large conglomerates/corporations are on buying frenzies for auto dealerships. There is no doubt our industry is ON FIRE!

   Now is the time to ramp up in a smart way. Staffing is definitely one of the more sensitive areas and hardest to fill due to the workforce availability in your area. No matter what anyone thinks, all indications point that the next few years will make the largest Light Vehicle Market of our lives.

So, with that, the important questions to ask yourself are:

1. What will you do different to make sure you get your unfair share?

2. Advertising dollars can be spent but how do you keep the most money in your pocket from the influx on demand and competition?

3. Where will you spend your dollars and be most effective?

4. Are my processes defined and similar throughout my sales department?

5. Do your people all have a consistent message being delivered to all customers so we do not create confusion?

   I’ve been in the car business for 20+ years and most will be looking at this closely. Sales people have forever been our cheapest liability with proper performance based pay plans. Even with advertising and marketing, if you don’t have enough sufficiently trained staff, you will not benefit like some will. Most dealers have limited staff in the upper management arena. How do you get qualified and effective sales people on your floor that have a vertical process for your store?  Are all of your guys on the same page? Get out there and bring them in by the masses to find the right people to put into our classes. Let iAuto do all of this for you. Recruit, Hire and Train all of your staff including the existing staff. Don’t be left out of the growth and opportunity coming to a dealership near you!!

Chris Price

CEO iAuto University


We have 6 stores and iAuto University has done several recruiting, hiring, and training events at each of them. Many of our current employees have been recruited and trained by iAuto.

Mike Holstun, Krumland Auto Group, Roswell, NM

Our new recruits have greatly increased our gross profit, CSI level and have eliminated a lot of unnecessary stress that comes with a stagnant group of so called experienced sales associates.

Greg Roberts, General Sales Manager, Nissan of Melbourne

John has always delivered me top quality employees and well trained, as it is hard to find quality people in this area, John seems to find them and keep them. To this date I have over 9 sales people that have been with us over 5 years as a result of John’s training.

John Santerfeit, General Manager, Mike Erdman Nissan, Cadillac

Whenever we need a sales staff for our store, I make one phone call to iAuto University and usually within two weeks, we have a full training class ready to hit the floor. iAuto University has consistently delivered great candidates and I have been very satisfied with the services they offer.

Linda Rakestraw, General Manager, Sun State Ford

Call iAuto University and schedule a training event at your dealership TODAY!

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